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Memory game

A game app that tests your memory to remember the cards you have flipped. A project done as part of #100DaysOfWeb #100DayOfCode, based on the React lessons from the course "" @


The user is presented with a set of unexposed cards when the game is launched. Each card holds a random number beneath. There are exactly 2 cards holding the same number.

The user needs to flip a card to expose the number it holds. He then has to find a corresponding matching card. If the cards match, the cards remain exposed, otherwise, they get flipped back. At any stage during the game, the user could reset the game.

The game continues until all the cards are exposed. The user wins when all cards are exposed. He is then presented with the button to play again.

Learnings from the project

React Javascript Framework

Project Repository:

One Day or Day One, you decide.