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Trailers App

This project is a web application that allows users to store and play the trailers of their favorite movies. The application is powered by the Django Web Framework and Django's third-party applications. It uses the Bootstrap Frontend Framework to nicely render the UI.

Application features

Following are some of the major features of the application:

  1. User Authentication feature - signup(through django-registration's 2-step verification), login and logout
  2. Reset password feature - The reset password link is sent to the email
  3. Change password feature - The password can be changed when the user is logged in
  4. Authorization and Permission feature - Only logged users can store and play trailers.
  5. Feature to store movie trailer URL, movie poster and movie plot.
  6. Feature to edit movie trailer URL, movie poster and movie plot.
  7. Feature to delete movie trailer.
  8. Feature to list a user's stored trailers.


  1. Landing Page
  2. Sign Up Page
  3. Reset Password Page
  4. Login Page
  5. Change Password Page
  6. Home Page of Logged in User
  7. Movie Trailer Add Page
  8. Playback of the trailer in Home Page
  9. Movie detail page
  10. Playback of the trailer in Movie detail page
  11. Movie edit page
  12. Movie delete page

Learning from the Project

  1. CRUD operations using Django Web Framework.
  2. Django's Authentication and Authorization support.
  3. Bootstrap Framework
  4. Django third-party applications
  5. Integration with send-grid for sending emails.

Project Repository:

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