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Quotes App

This project is an application built using Django and Bootstrap Frameworks. It allows the user to do CRUD operations on famous quotes. A project done as part of #100DaysOfWeb #100DaysOfCode.


  1. Allows users to add quotes by famous people.
  2. Django’s authentication and authorization support.
  3. Integrated Bootstrap4 frontend framework to nicely render the UI.
  4. Used Django Crispy Form to render the forms.


List Quotes

All the quotes that are added to the application can be listed in this view.

Display a Quote Detail

The detail of a particular quote can be seen in this view. This view shows the quote text, its author, and options to edit and delete the quote.

Add a new Quote

This view allows a user to add a new quote.

Edit an existing Quote

This view allows a user to edit an existing quote.

Delete a Quote

This view allows a user to delete a quote

Learnings from the project

  1. CRUD operations using Django Web Framework
  2. Frontend using Bootstrap Framework

Project Repository:

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